Ife princess head
Yoruba, Nigeria
Vodun Bo to stop someone  speaking  bad about others
Mono region, Benin
Ewe twin altar
Vodun skull bowl
Fon ethnic, Benin
Palo Naganga cauldron used in magic Palo ceremonies
Havanna, Cuba
Vodun bocio
Fon ethnic group / Abomey, Benin
Vodun telephone bocio
Mono region, Benin
Mami Wata shrine
Artist Ismaila Putuenchi from Foumban, Cameroon
Magic vodun bottle
Mono region, Benin
Putchu Guindji Talisman
Ethnic Kotoko / Cameroon
Chong friction drum
Oku, Cameroon
Oku healing jug to cure witchcraft
Oku ethnic group, Cameroon
Azeto vodun witch healing bottle
Dotou, Benin
Vodun sorcery shrine
Mono region, Benin
Age vodun god of agriculture and healing plants
Mono region, Benin
Kokou power vodun bottle
Adja ethnic group, Benin
Haitian vodou bottle for Erzulie Freda (a Haitian vodou spirit)
Kokou power vodun bottle
Adja ethnic Group, Benin
Vodun conjuring horn
Mono region, Benin
Medicine vodun bocio
Fon ethnic, Abomey, Benin
Vodun bocio power figure
Fon ethnic Group, Abomey, Benin
Mami Wata
Volta Region, Ghana
Egungun the spirits of the dead
Yoruba ethnic group, Nigeria and Benin.
Mami Wata altar
Dotou, Benin
Kheghebcio witch hunter
Oku, Cameroon
The muslim vodun spirits
Benin and Togo
Zombie bottle
Legba, Sakpata and a hyena
Fon ethnic, Benin
Painting by Cyprien Tokoudagba, Aziza the vodun god of the forest
Abomey, Benin
Oro secret society drum
Yoruba, Benin
Vodun god Legba
Fon ethnic group, Abomey, Benin
Yoruba door from a Dan snake temple
Yoruba ethnic, Nigeria
Amazon skull on a male body to protect a Nago village from Amazon raids
Nago ethnic
Vodun asens from Abomey, Benin
Ancestor asen
Ethnic Fon, Anomey, Benin
Bulu oracle basket
Egungun oracle skull
Yoruba, Benin
Museum of Art
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