Philippe Bluzot - Appearances
Johnson Tsang - Ceramic Art
Vikas Vinayak Patnekar
John Cooney
Unknown Socialist Realism: The Leningrad School of Painting 1920-1990s - Introduction
Warwick Fuller
(kind of) Retrospective of Ferdinand Boutard
Thomas Ruckstuhl
Vincent Giarrano
Christiane Vleugels
Viktor Lyapkalo
Bahram Hajou
Troy  Brooks
Exhibition of Javier Arizabalo
André Lundquist

The Poetry of Silence
Antonio Finelli - Drawings
Exhibition of Kim Jinnam
Vladimir Daibov - Once Upon a Time in Russia
Sasha Hartslief
Lorena Kloosterboer
Anne-Françoise Ben-Or
Richard Thorn - Richard Thorn SWAc – Artist & Tutor
José Manuel Castro López - Esculturas
Evgenia Trifonova
Watercolor art by Ramesh Jhawar
Exhibition of Hero Johnson
Erin Hanson
Exhibition of Tanya Atanasova - Project YOU MY DEAR
Hubert de Lartigue
Sergio Murria Fotografía - Street Photography
Brienne M Brown - Bringing the Everyday to Life
Małgorzata Chodakowska
Fidel Molina
Sheryl Luxenburg
Canadian Hyperreal Painter
Kimberly Dow
Exhibition of Zhang Xueping - Watercolor paintings
Suzanne Heintz - LIFE ONCE REMOVED
Alexander Shandor
Apooyin Mufutau
Museum of Art



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